Cut off the weed.

We are sowed on earth for a purpose. The purpose of each and every one of us is to be fulfilled. That fulfilment is not achieved by materialism or fame or on what people think of you. It is acquired by being at the service of others.

Image Credit: BeFreeNow

For instance, you might have an intention of helping others to have a merrier and more purposeful life by sharing the knowledge, skill and great ideas you are endowed with.

But many a times, that intention to to add meaning to the life of others gets adulterated by artificiality. It is as if that noble intention is like a beautiful little plant growing but gets surrounded by weeds called fame, people’s feedback and the opinions of others. Those weeds surround and hover around that real intention everyday. The weeds are the intention that you don’t want but they grow to the extent that the weeds begin to look like the plant and you start believing the weeds to be the same as your real intention. But they aren’t. Because, being at the need of others selflessly, without any expectations gets you to the path of fulfilment and eternal joy but wishing to get something in return only makes you anxious and thrust that feeling of emptiness in you.

A daily practice should be to go back in, reflect on what that voice in your head is saying to you and what are you telling yourself- it might be something as “do this good deed in front of people so that you can appear good; or announce your project named ‘ecology wellbeing’ in public where you would get great feedback and be held in high regards or post that particular informative thing for more likes and positive comments do this inspirational video for more followers or fame, etc”

These are all creeper weeds! Weeds that kill your purpose of being. What you got to do is to CUT DOWN THOSE WEEDS everyday!!! Refine your intention and pave the road to fulfilment by taking control of your thought processes. Reminding yourself about your real intention daily simply does the great job of gettting you back on track and live a meaningful thus blissful life.

Pablo Picasso said “The meaning of life is to find your gift.The purpose of life is to give it away.


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