People and people all around! Good or bad? Well, that depends on your perception!!!

There are no noble or evil people. There are just people! People who have only ONE ultimate goal- HAPPINESS. Think well. Are each and one of us not acting to be able to feel happy? Are we all not pursuing happiness? So how does this make us different? We are all crumbs of the same bread.

Image credit: Huffington Post

It is simply that we tend to act differently in the pursue of our happiness! The ways we adopt of doing things may surely differ. In the perspective of some, it might be wrong while to others, it might be the best of the best!

This brings us to the fact that judging others is always biased. Because we look at people and form opinions from our level of perception and based on our experiences. We do not even rack our brains into thinking that, yes, this person might be undergoing through a completely different phase to which I may be failing to relate!

Don’t be judgemental. Everyone has a story behind what and how they are, driven by certain reasons to do what they do. Be human enough to understand that not everyone has the same life as yours. Each and every person is unique, so are their stories. Many are fighting lethal life battles you know nothing about.

It’s easy to hurl abuses or badmouth someone but it takes a good and comprehensive heart to appreciate the human race, however they are.


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