Take control of yourself.

When a person misbehaves, disagrees or insults you, the most obvious and ‘easiest’ reaction is to snap back at them. And this is exactly where you get stuck up in a whirlpool of anger, frustration and unfulfilment. And I’m not at all kidding! It’s a matter of fact.

Image Credit: Flickr

Think about it yourself! Pause for awhile. Travel in a flashback of a kind of ‘undesirable’ situation. The scenario might be… A friend of yours misbehaved with you and you revert back doing the same!!! Did this calm you and the situation down or it was further aggravated?! I’m certain that the latter was the unfortunate result!!!

Why so? Simply because we people do not gauge our actions before implementing them out. Basic human behaviour! At the sense of any threat, we immediately jump out for action- impromptu! Well, this would have been highly useful, had we been cavemen! But, now, since we grew out of that state, it’s time to take control of ourselves and think before pushing ourselves in a pitfall of uncertainties where we are ignorant of what could be!

People are unchangeable They are uninfluenceable. Internalise these golden words. People form opinions on the basis of their upbringing, experiences and thoughts. How on earth do you think you, someone who himself is glued to his own opinions unwilling to alter it, will be able to affect and change that of the opposite person?!! And when you fail in influencing that person, you foolishly resort to anger! Ironical!!!

We are living in a world of obstinate people, including ourselves, where no one really consents to change at the behest of others! So, why do you get offended or affected by whatever people say or do?! Just as they do not hold the power to shake up your beliefs, so don’t you!

Stay calm. Be composed. Do your thing and let them do theirs. Act in good faith. Each and every one of us is driven by our own personal lines of thinking and behavioural patterns. If you can do nothing to amend their thoughts and actions, sit back, relax and observe them- entertain yourself and grab some lessons from the situation. Besides, learning is everywhere.

Don’t, at any point, let yourself get stripped of your peace of mind and calm nature merely due to having no appreciation, acknowledment or reciprocation from the opposite person. Don’t give away that personal power of yours. At no cost!


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