Concious Breathing.

Ever encountered frustrating situations?! Getting taunted or bullied, not being heard, being badly scolded, stuck in an annoying traffic on a Monday morning. These are some simple examples which at, some point or other, activate our ‘hot buttons.’ And what do the majority of us do? We buzz with anger. Sometimes we react so impulsively that we often end up regretting our embarassing behaviour later on.


Why does this happen? Why can’t we intercept this mishap before it surfaces? Why do we lose our cool in the wake of annoying situations? Many would answer “It’s easy! I’m angry because of that person!” But having said this, have you really tried enquire the real reason behind this ‘irritation?’ Have you not slammed hard the door of any further enquiries by playing the blame game?! Then, how on earth would you ever get any honest and effective answer to this pertinent query: “Why is it that is actually bothering me about this event/person?” Is there even a way to get to the solution?

A simple answer to that is a resounding YES! And NO! It does not pertain to doing away with your provocator or gulping down any magic potion whatsover! You simply got to breathe. Yes, you read it right :BREATHE!

“Breathe? But I breathe all the time!!!” Yeah! We do breathe but are we really aware with each breath we take in and release? Are we??! No, we are not! We are so distracted by mundane stuff that we are not even mindful of our own bodily natural movements! We are so LOST!!! The breathing I am talking about has everything to do with being aware! Being watchful! Being concious! This is what I call ‘Concious Breathing.’ Think hard. What is the thing that you always carry with you anywhere, be it indoors or outdoors and it is controllable?… It’s your BREATH!!! It is always with you. Then why not make the utmost of it? Especially in quirky situations!


Here’s how your breath helps you to go for ‘Concious Breathing:’ Someone or something provoked or angered you? You are frantically seething with rage! Hold on! Hold on RIGHTAWAY! Don’t begin lashing out. Give yourself a moment. Breathe. Watch yourself as you INHALE…EXHALE. Feel your breath. Feel it making its way into your nostrils and finding its way out. This is ‘Concious Breathing‘- a state of awareness where you resort to acting wisely instead of instinctively! Now, how can one’s simple breath manage to simplify out things? This is because when you grant yourself this fleeting, yet crucial moment of concious breath, you’re actually pulling yourself out from the disturbed and enraging situation to land in being in the NOW. This simple exercise qualify you to gain a much better perpective of the whole situation in front. It clarifies out things, allowing you to consider the causes and effects of any further actions you might want to take. And guess what, you become far more alert and pave your way to being a calmer person who provides himself the time to think before acting.

You’re free to decide upon your next action since now you are in a position to choose your reactions. You become peaceful and can think out what is apt to do next, depending on the severity of the situation.

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