Opinions vs Reality.

Do opinions stand on the same grounds as reality? Do assumptions and perspectives perfectly correlate to actual facts? If you nod yes, I beg to differ.


What are opinions, beliefs, presuppositions and perceptions? Aren’t they those that are shaped by people’s experiences, thoughts and personalities- Those people who are different owing to their respective life experiences which vary. Different persons, different opinions! So, is it reliable and wise to trust (any) opinions and thereafter form the basis of one’s decisions upon them?! Clearly NOT!!!

Opinions and the reality are two separate things. The lower the gap between the two, the better off the person is and the lesser does he suffer. Suffering, i.e ‘mental pain’ is caused when people begin to cling to opinions and notions instead of trying to discover the facts related that particular matter. Suffering basically originates from expectations from others which tend to be unrealistic most of the times, miscommunication which end up in baseless assumptions, and ignorance which pulls one miles away from the truth, to name a few.


Try this mighty exercise:

Pause for some time. Peek deep down yourself and take any life event, preferably one which brought you suffering. Now ask yourself its cause. Think hard. Why did those avalanche of pain fell upon you? Did you found yourself, back then, holding onto a lie, supposition or opinion, whatever you call it? It has to be. Because had it been the truth that you hinged upon, you would not have suffered. The reason is simply the fact that the truth merely needs to be accepted the way it is. The truth is unquestionable and SAME for everyone whereas opinions vary and are debatable. The truth frees whilst lies and beliefs binds!!!

Let’s take a simple example. For ages, people have had endless conflicting and diverse opinions of the shape of the Earth. But once, the scientifically proven reality emanated, all beliefs were shaken up and there came an end to ages of clashing arguments!!! This is the POWER OF REALITY. One becomes FREE. Free from both inner and outer conflicts, free from any judgements since one comes to know that people’s opinions are subjective and have no bearing whatsover on the truth.

The CHALLENGE of life to seek the truth which is unambiguous. Be it in relationships, work life or spiritual life. The more the clarity, the closer you are to bridge the gap. Whenever you find yourself seething with ‘mental pain,’ immediately grasp that you have been sticking to a lie. And of course, do not stop unless and until you have dug deep enough to reach the reality! This is where suffering dies and absolute freedom takes over.

The truth has no opinions attached. Truth is what is it. People may juggle between countless opinions, viewpoints and assumptions but the reality is unequivocal and selfsame for EVERYONE!

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