A paradigm shift

Are you frustrated upon why things do not go your way? Are you fagged out when witnessing your each and every life plans getting foiled? Or are you a planner freak as in ‘NOTHING should never ever happen without prior utter planning?! If you answer a big YES, then you really gotta change something in your life. A change which would grant you peace of mind through an objective acceptance of life.

We humans believe that we can control absolutely anything, especially our life. We keep planning out things- “my life should be as such; if this happens, I’ll dance with joy but if that happens I’ll recoil in grief!”

Are we sure… super confident that whatever we plan will always turn out to be the best for us and for everyone out there? NOOO! WE’RE NOT!!! Still, when our scheme doesn’t ensue as expected, we curse our fate and begin to play the blame game, leaving us too weary to be solution oriented. And usually, the problem lies within us!

We are blatantly unaware on how to deal with what life ‘throws’ at us! Uncertainty, the middle name of LIFE, is what drives us daily! Life emerges out unexpectedly. It is mere foolhardiness to be awaiting our plans to perfectly materialise!!! No, I’m at no point asserting that we should refrain from having plans- now that would be like living an aimless life! Because this is also true that if ‘we fail to plan, we are actually planning to fail!’

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But what I mean to translate is that yes, do make plans but don’t be upset if they do not go your way. Don’t get slipped into a series of depression which lead to nowhere. Rather, understand the lovely ways of life and how it evolves. We people cannot fully decide what is ideal for us since our choices and decisions are mostly limited to ourselves but the universe which is well coordinated with every aspects of life, has a way better insight about what is best for us and the greater good than we ourselves even realise. Know that everything happens for the best. We simply need to identify how to perceive things in the best view possible.

Charles Swirdoll beautifully put this “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.”

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