Pride to dominate others’ opinions?

This does not at any point lead to self development and overall welfare of either! But it rather belittle the opposite person’s in some way and trigger one to shelter an inflated self image!

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Opinions simply mirror one’s experiences, level of understanding and perceptions. While Mr X might have a better knowledge on a specific issue due to his constant scrutiny thereon, Mr Y might be completely or partly ignorant on the matter. Hence , instead of thrusting one’s opinions on him, Mr X should try to embrace the virtue of understanding, thus taking into account the uniformed condition of Mr Y. Following this humble attitude, Mr X does not only softens his approach but also display butter-like smooth communication with the person which eventually make the latter dedicatedly imbibe the knowledge being shared.

A teacher does not feel superior by winning any arguments of opinions against his student but in lieu resorts to a comprehensive outlook in regards to his pupil’s ignoranceby wearing the cloak of humility at all times, attempting to deliver his best in imparting the right knowledge to him.

The world is a gargantuan ocean of teachings and awakening, in the refuge of which fishes called teachers and disciples reside. Knowledge is omnipresent. It can be grasped from absolutely anyone- from elders, youths, flora and fauna and the inanimates. I play the role of a teacher at a time and then become a student at another! Being gulped by a sense of superiority while being a master and being crushed by a feeling of inferiority while being a student defy the whole purpose of granting and attaining knowlege for self enhancement and for the greater good.

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I am either a teacher or an apprentice at a given point in time which demands neither supremacy nor mediocrity!!!


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