A human day?!

In a world where festivals and some special days remind people about the significance of certain stuff that we tend to take for granted, wouldn’t it have been great if there were a human day?

Image credit: Truth Or Tradition?

A human day where creed, caste culture, religion and gender becomes invalid. What reigns is ONLY humanity. A day where we celebrate the privilege of being human. Cut any one of us and we bleed red! Isn’t this a sufficient proof under which we all qualify as being a human- A human, free from all kinds of labels?!

I wonder what good this ‘separation tool’ has brought to the world!!! Any kinds of biased labels are simply demeaning to ‘humanity.’ In such a fast pacing world, we, humans should have been helping each other to carry the heavy load of life, try ease one another living and live in peace and harmony where not only some people move forward but the whole world advances and attain heights! This is true success!

But so called labels, in the name of gender, race, intelligence, financial status, hobbies, weight and sexual orientation, to name a few, fail humanity to a great extent ! I read somewhere: “The only label you should ever be given is your name.

If only we could accept the beauty of nature, the great things it has to offer and rejoice on them. But no,the moment we see, hear or read on a person; here goes a long list of labels we start imposing on them, shoving them in some kinds of categories!!!

Labels bring along bigoted discrimation, which eventually divides the people of the world instead of uniting them. And this, if continues by, will unfortunately one day, spell the end of mankind!!!



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