Face your fear.

When I was little, I used to get so scared by the whistling sound of the pressure cooker that I always ran away from wherever it whistled. One day, my mom held me by the hands, took me to that ‘roaring’ pot and made it whistle an umpteen times. It whizzed so many times that all my fear got vanished in a single day!

Image credit: TEDTalks

Since then, I understood that one cannot overcome one’s fear or anxiety by running away from it. But this ‘dreadful’ feeling can only be combatted by confronting it!!!

There are many types of fear, be it fear of failure, fear of embarrassment, fear of being judged, fear of rejection, fear of uncertainty, fear of being hurt and fear of change, to name a few.

Once you identify what scares you, you pave the way to confront it. And action leads you to conquer that fear. Try approach your ‘fear’ and look into its eye. It might be overwhelmingly uncomfortable initially but gradually the fear will get dissipated.

Nelson Mandela could not have said it better “The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”

Credit: https://mightyintrovert.com/

Every fear hides a wish.

How much does fear tell us about a person?

The person who fears a height has a dying wish to live for that moment. The woman who fears failure has a wish to succeed. The man who fears his past wishes for a future.

Study your deepest fears and you’ll expose your deepest wishes. That’s the healthy way of thinking about your fears without going crazy.

If you really want to free from any fear- then identify it, admit it and FACE IT!

Also, many a times, we fear things about which we have little or no knowledge. So, a great way to dispel some kinds of fear would be the attempt to gain an understanding about them.


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