Be free.

People will misunderstand you. People will try sap your wings, knowingly or unknowingly. People will contradict your thoughts and actions. People will question your existence. People will oppose you. People will criticise your plan of action.

But people will also encourage you. People will also push to excellence. People will as well trigger you to improve and be better. People will bless you. People will shower praises onto you.

However, don’t hinge your life on people and their expectations. Because people change. The feelings they project are subject to volatility. Do your thing. If you have noble intentions, your actions will match up.

Don’t get attached to applause nor get feared or angered by critics. Yes, do avail to praises or applause to fuel up the cause you’re working for. Use the critics constructively to address to your weak points and emerge out stronger.

By being indifferent to either eulogies or criticism, you set yourself free. You are neither tied to the greed of success nor the fear of failure. You consequently focus best and give your 100% in your work.

Work for a cause, not applause.


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