Scattered feelings.

Who am I? I don’t quite understand myself. I sometimes feel strongly energetic; powerful and daring enough to change the world to its best. Some other times, I feel suffocated- as if something ‘worthwhile’ is struggling to emerge from within but it cannot find its way out!!! I feel a bunch of emotions bottled up. I wonder if something is wrong with me?! Restlessness is as if the order of my life!

I’m stuck in a quandary, unaware of which path to pursue! Should I dedicate myself to serving others and focus on the thought and action plan of bringing out something meaningful to this world or like the majority, tread on a ‘tried’ path (which every part of my being declines but is the onw my family hinges on) or yet forget everything else, hold nothing in mind, simply go with the flow and entrust myself to the Almighty?!

Though I might be knowing which path to walk on, I am not yet armoured with the confidence and knowledge to tread threon! From what I could gather from my thoughts until now, a majority of them points towards making a positive contribution to the world. But the question persists- HOW???

I may be having the courage but right now, I am void of the power- this is what leaves me powerless, restless and frustrated. Witnessing this world in shambles, degrading society and its people, I feel this strong urge to stand against these and do something; something that would be a totally win-win situation, in the betterment of EVERYONE!

Corruption, domestic violence, social evils, troubled education system, irritating and near stagnant political systems, nepotism, racial disputes, patriarchal societies in many parts of the globe, many depressive and fagged out people out there demands a change. A positive change!

These thoughts are simply a 3-minutes trailer to my never ending movie. At the end of my alone time, (the time I devote to myself in assembling and sorting put my thoughts) I console myself (maybe this is the way things actually are) by telling myself – ” Everyone has a predestined path which come into sight when the time is right. Hopefully, mine as for everyone else, will surface soon. The universe has good plans; everything is already established and all that happens is for the best. We simply got to calm down, pause and believe in the ways of the Lord.

Breathe! Everything will fall into place.


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