It’s all about one’s perspective!

Have you ever wondered “how could he even think in such a pathetic way?!” Or “It is so foolish on how she looks at things!”

But have you ever tried to comprehend their state of mind or attempted to really understand why do they think or act in such ways which defy your thinking process?!

If you guessed it right, yes, I’m talking about perceptions– Different attitudes towards a single situation, thing, event or person.

Everyone has their own way of perceiving things and events. Their viewpoints are based on their life experiences, thoughts, pattern of behaviour and habits.

If the line of thinking of Mr X is different to that of Mr Y, it does not, at any point mean that any of them is wrong- they simply do not have their views on an equal footing! They share different opinions to the same situation and different does not mean wrong.

This is exactly how we, a majority of the world citizens behave. We hold onto one of our beliefs and form ‘our truth‘ that we fail to understand the perspective of the one opposite us.

Maturity and magnanimosity lies, not in the attempt of proving oneself right everytime or hustle around imposing one’s views on others , but in the practice of understanding their point of view and the way they are interpreting things. This does not only avoid unnecessary conflicts but also makes one feel a peace with oneself as one is free from needless anger or frustration.

Each and every life situation is perceived differently by people. There is nothing as my or your truth. The truth is the truth. But the perspective through which the truth is being perceived is also true.

No one is wrong as everyone hinges their decisions and behaviour on their perspective. Better accept their viewpoints as you would do concerning your opinions. Tackle the situation armoured a calm and composed mind. Resorting to anger will lead to nowhere. Bear in mind that you cannot change the long established mind and thinking pattern of some people, especially those who resist change.

Despite this, if you wish to bring about a positive change to a particular person’s life who you feel is going haywire, communication is the best tool. Make sure to approach the matter with a cool mind. Again, be open to his/her views and opinions before voicing out your own.

Clashes of opinions are the biggest enemies unless understanding comes at play. Understanding reinforces humanity, empathy and peace. Let’s together build a better community where everyone, at least make an attempt to understand one another.

Opinions vary as life experiences do. Each and everyone is unique, so are their line of thinking. Respect theirs as you would want yours to be respected.


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