Quotes on Character|explained.

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They are ways to relate to our daily situations. They hold the power to uplift us. They sum up facts, thoughts and circumstances. They are sometimes comforting and at other times depressive. They are sometimes relatable and sometimes not. Some are easier to understand than others. They are simple observations made by mindful beings who translated their state of mind and feelings to something powerful called quotes.

Today, I aim to explain some quotes on character. Before embarking on this small yet meaningful journey, let us all think on how would we define the 9 letter word- ‘character?’ It is a word we are likely to take for granted and do not feel the need to define but may struggle to do so when pressed! Still, let’s try to shed some light on this less asked word.

The dictionary says that it is the mental and moral qualities that renders a person different. Some people define it to be the way we behave, be it good or bad; ethical or unethical; strong or weak whilst others would simply call it to be one’s personality. As per my findings, I would say that character and personality are related, but they are not the same thing. Personality is inborn traits and character consists of learned behavior. Character may vary with the situation or circumstances or may be purposely changed.

It’s time!! Get aboard! We gonna sail in the boat of character quotes:

A.Lincoln put this beautifully which means a person character defines who and what he truly is. But his reputation varies upon how people perceives him. It is similar to a shadow because the latter manifests according to the intensity of light that fall on the real thing (tree/person)-i.e the shadow looks bigger or smaller depending on the light flashed upon the tree. Likewise reputation. The reputation of a person alters as per others’ viewpoints while the character is constant as this is WHAT the person is like inside and out.

When we know we are being observed, we display out best behavioural patterns. But what about when we think no one is watching? Do we still resort to righteousness and ethics or we stigmatize our character by seeking refuge under immorality? A strong character is one which behaves similarly even when not being watched.

As it was said earlier, character is something that stays constant (unless you change it). So, if someone demeans, disrespects or hurls abuses to you, this directly shows their character! Why should you injure your character and behave in the same way as that person? Be yourself. Stay true to your character.

Knowledge is essential to KNOW and act within set parametres. But have you ever come across two persons who are in the same position, have the same attributes, same educational qualifications and are of almost the same age yet one is respected more than the other? Why is that so?

As we all know respect is earned- you cannot compel a person to respect you. But along with knowledge, a good character armoured with compassion for others is crucial to gain respect.

Both power and respect are important but the latter is a key trait needed to be a good leader. You might be having countless degrees hung on your walls, but if you aren’t of a person of character, you might find it hard to get people to follow and respect you earnestly.

People of characters make great transformational leaders who work in the welfare of its subjects, keeping aside their extreme selfish needs.

Enough said.

(This quote can be somewhat pertained to the above one)

Power has the ability to corrupt. Give a man power and his character shows up! Is he the tree or the shadow which changes according to what it has in its arsenal.
Power exposes your true character. It releases inhibitions and sets your inner self free. If you’re a jerk when you gain power, you’ll become more of one. If you’re a mensch (a person of integrity and honour, i.e, a strong character), you’ll get nicer.

Character Building

Critics spur you to take action on your weaknesses. The next time you’re critisized, pause, reflect on what you can improve. Be proactive rather than reactive.
Character is something that is “etched into” us by the experiences that we go through in life, the way we are brought up and what we learn in our school life.
True character is instilled at a deep level so that positive behavior is automatic.


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