The power of “QUESTIONING”

“Why?” This is that one word which comes out of little curious kids’ mind most often! Their inquisitiveness know no bounds. They can keep on asking questions about things, events and people that lie around them, trying to find a rational explanation about their existence.

Are we all curious to know more? Curious enough to live a better life? Curious enough to live in the moment? Curious enough to clear out biased and unnecessary doubts from our minds? I’m afraid NOT!!!

As many of us keep on aging, our quest to find answers gets blurred. We get so caught up in fulfilling our daily life routines and issues that we forget to paus and truly reflect on our lives, ourselves and the world?

That strong urge to utter a simple word -‘why’ and really be wanting to obtain an answer in return gets weakened. Life elapses by like a flash of lightning and we are left out complaining about not having enough time!!!

If we grant ourselves some ‘alone’ time to relax, take a halt from our hectic life and try ask questions, trust me, we could be living great lives! A life we want to live rather than a one which we have to be living!

The questions could be;

– “What can I do to improve the world?”

– “Why am I doing what I am doing?”

– “Why is my life in shambles? Can I do something to mend it?”

– “Why is it that birds can fly and not humans?” -had this questions not been asked by the Wright Brothers, airplanes would not have been existed!!!

– “Why does this mishap happen to me everytime? Is there some things that I am doing wrong?

When we ask questions, it is not necessary to get the answers to all immediately. Some questions are those which actually better our life because we get to know what is wrong, missing, in excess! We also get reassured that our lives is on the right track if we get positive answers from our asked queries. Sooner or later, our mind answers all our questions- we simply gotta be patient.

Whatever be your situations, NEVER stop asking questions! There is no stupid questions- Stupid people do not ask questions! They feel better off being ignorant!


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