Live or Spend life?

“I’m 18, I’ve a planned life where I aim at being secured, get a job, get settled, have kids, get retired and then wait for my last breath to strike” This is the typical life plan that gets glued to the destiny of many-either we ourselves design it or it gets automatically devised due to life circumstances!

Is it what we are born to do? To eat, drink and reproduce? Does our life not have any purpose? A thing that when we do simply sets our soul on fire? Makes us feel boundless? Render us powerful? Strikes that feeling of completeness? Or we are merely meant to ‘spend’ our lives as ‘CONDITIONED’ robots by getting in a rat race?!

Nooo!!! Each one of us is born to feel content! To feel happy! To feel COMPLETE!!! There will be obstacles. There will be critics. There will be people out there who would try their best to sap your wings!!!

But, the end choice is YOURS… solely yours! It’s your life and your right! If what you love doing makes you feel satisfied and HAPPY- then choose it. Yesss!!! Choose it! This is your life path . And if you fail, you can blame yourself, learn from it and move on to another life fulfilling path!- Atleast, you are the master of your life. Atleast, you will not have to blame someone else to have a bad life! Atleast, you are in control of your life!!!

Now, if the thought “how do I make money by following my passion or the thing I so love to do that it sets my soul on fire!?” crosses your mind, fret not! Everyone has a predestined path. Sooner or later the path will show! If you’re truly passionate about your passion, a way will definitely comes up! It might be tough to tread on this ‘less tried’ initially but once you land on YOUR path and keep moving with your life purpose in mind, things will fall into place. What if it didn’t work?! It doesn’t matter!!! You at least took a chance and do not have to regret for not taking it!

The thing you give the name of ‘failure’ is actually your best best best friend from whom you learn HOW TO LIVE instead of simply spending your life!!!

“It didn’t work-fine!! I’ll try something else! I’m learning, discovering and creating. I’m designing a fulfilled life!”


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